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Rami Ungar’s Profile

By day, Rami Ungar is a slightly eccentric office worker for a supply organization in Columbus, Ohio. By night, he’s a highly eccentric creature, an entity that’s only partially human, that is known in some quarters as the Pale Dark Lord, communes with beings from other dimensions and planes of reality, and who weaves horror stories out of our very nightmares…while at the same time collecting dolls and figurines, binge-watching anime, going to the ballet, and making really bad puns and wordplay that only he finds hilarious.

As of June 2018, Rami has self-published three novels and a collection of short stories. He is also working on publishing a novel, Rose, with Castrum Press, an up-and-coming small press out of North Ireland. He has also published stories in various magazines and anthologies, and is always looking for more places to publish his work.

If you’re brave enough and want to become one of Rami’s Followers of Fear, you can find him on the following sites. Tread carefully, though. There’s a reason his motto is, “Scared yet? My job here is done”:

Email: ramiungar@ramiungarthewriter.com

Blog: Rami Ungar the Writer






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