NEW RELEASE! Two 2017 Planners Designed with Writer’s in Mind

This month I released two planners through Lulu with writer’s in mind. The 2017 Task & Project Planner and the 2017 Writer’s Notebook Planner. I thought I would share the article posted on my blog for anyone who is interested in them.

I wish all those participating in NaNoWriMo the best of luck this next month. Have fun!

Stephannie Beman

The Path of a Writer’s Life…

Doesn’t always end where they believe it to.

There comes a time in every writer’s life when they just need to step back from it all and take a good look around. I don’t mean at the scenery. I mean at their career as an writer. They need to look at their writing goals and what they want out of their writing. They need to figure out if the path they are on is the one they want, or if they need to tread a different path.

Once every three months or so, I take a good look at my life and evaluate whether or not I’m headed the way I want to go or not. For thirteen years my path was heading toward the realm of traditional publishing. I worked hard toward that goal. Writing and editing. Tweaking the story this way and that way.

I never finished my first story. I set it aside and began from scratch–maybe someday I’ll pick it up again. Instead I started to write the tale of Hades and Persephone. Now this wasn’t an accurate accounting from the mythology, but a fictional retelling based on parts of the myth.

However, as I came closer to finishing My Lord Hades, I realized that what I wanted in life and out of my writing was not the same as when I was 16.

I never queried a publisher, because three months before I finished My Lord Hades, I made a critical decision in my career as an author. I wanted to publish my book. I wanted full control.

My ambitions don’t extend past telling the story in my heart and soul. If my writing never extended past a hobby it wouldn’t really matter to me. I would be writing. I would be telling the stories I created since before I could read. I would be the storyteller I have always been and that would be enough.

Would I like to make money? Who wouldn’t? But that’s not the whole goal of writing for me. Why do you write?