Refreshing the Soul

Like a deer drinks water from a stream to refresh himself so should we. None of us can keep up a fast pace forever. We all need a break from our writing. This means taking vacations, cooking or doing whatever else we want.

Recently, I have been on a cleaning and refurbishing spree. Of course, I have company coming in the way of a Bible study and relatives visiting from out of state so this does give me an incentive to get things done. However, even when we do not have something pending, we need to cleanse our minds. 

What does this do? It gives us new perspectives about our writing, and the projects we have on hand. When I am stumped on where to go in a scene, I must get away from the computer to think. Time away allows me to come up with ideas. 

When we put our writing on a shelf, it enables us to spend more time with friends, family and our spouses. A husband lives for our kisses or  hugs and when we are busy we brush those aside. Love needs refreshing even if you are married for 33 years as I soon will be next month. After all, if you are a romance writer is this not what it is all about? Those tender incidents we later embellish in our writings without naming the source of our material. 

I belong to many writing groups either locally or online, thus I receive many e-mails. When I miss a day, they add up. To alleviate this stress, I take the weekends off. If I do otherwise, I get a sickish feeling in my stomach. My body is telling me to leave it behind and regroup before I return to the Monday grind. 

Movies are great downtime moments. Saturday, I watched “The Quiet Man,” with John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara. I observed the characters’ interactions – their facial expressions, gestures and actions/reactions. For example, while sitting on a stream’s bank O’Hara gives Wayne a shy look then takes off her nylons to run through the water. He follows her. This was what she wanted. The scene shows her playfulness and her strong and growing love for him.  

When we take deep breaths, it gives us time to view our work in new light. Sometimes “you cannot see the forest through the trees” so to speak. But by laying the piece aside, we are able to see its flaws. In fact, many professionals recommend this. Watch, though, in doing this for long periods, leading to you not finishing a work or substantially delaying its output.  

Thus, it is alright to take a break to refresh your souls. Time away often does make your product better just be wise about it. Well, I look forward to your comments and as always God bless.