Need some help, check out Fiverr.

We are all busy. Being a self-published author means, you have to wear all the hats. Writer, editor, artist, promoter, etc. Sometimes you have to get assistance.  I found one place that might help you out.

As NaNoWriMo 2011 was going on, a Doug Lance on G+ was doing book covers for fun. His stuff was really good. After NaNoWriMo he posted that he would make a cover for your book for $5. The link sent me to a site called Fiverr

At this site people offer services or products for $5. There are a lot of helpful services for writers.  Editing, cover creation, electronic formatting, etc. And a few suspect ones, ie. people offering to give you a five star review, without reading your book?

I haven’t used the site yet, I have a few services bookmarked for my next novel.  As with any site, check out the rating of the person that is offering the deal.  Email them to make sure that they are offering exactly what you are looking for. In the case of cover creation, make sure they are using art they have permission to use.

This looks like a helpful site. Not just to find services, but if you have a service to offer, it might be a good way to put a few extra dollars in your pocket.  Although you only get $4, the site keeps $1.

Its not a place to look for full novel editing, but if you are working on a press release, you might find someone else to write it for you.

Has anyone ever used this site? Would you recommend it?

As for the stuff Doug Lance offers, here are the links:

Book Covers: