7 Reasons Why Working Less Might Improve Your Marketing Results by Daniel Sharkov

While browsing my Twitter stream this morning I found this great article by Daniel Sharkov. He gives a beautiful example, goes more in depth, and says it so much better than I did or could in Creating Schedules and Routines to Enhance your Writing.

Daniel Sharkov writes, “Back in the closing months of 2011, before taking a huge blogging break, I was used to working a lot. I was spending long hours, trying to improve my blog’s performance. I was publishing long in-depth posts so writing and research alone were taking two-three hours every day. Twitter and all of the tools that go with it were also draining valuable time.

“All of this was partially the reason for me to stop blogging for almost four months. In the end I learned that spending your day on something and actually making progress are two different things.

“As of now I’m putting far less time into blogging and social media and still the results are improving by the day. In the following article I will overview how is that magic happening and will give you seven reasons to reduce your daily workload…”

Read the rest of his article here.