To Newsletter or Not to Newsletter

I have this internal debate that rises its head every few months. It tells me that I need something more than a blog. That I need more than a website. It tells me that I need a newsletter. It tells me a few more things too, but those items are posts for another day.

Usually I can silence the voice with rational arguments such as no one is interested in reading the Newsletter, or that I don’t have the time to maintain a blog and newsletter, or that I’m not sure what I want to put into the Newsletter that would be of interest to those reading it. Most of it is utter shit, because now that the winter months are coming and the season is too cold to be outside much, I have the time to write and maintain a blog and do a short monthly newsletter. But is it worth the effort.

My vision is an informative, reader friendly newsletter, that will have the latest news, an excerpt for new releases, coupons to buy eBooks, a short serial story, a behind the scenes look, and a character interview from a character in the serial story. It will be information that won’t be found in my blog, though some of it might find its way onto my website. I’m just not sure if anyone will be interested or if I should just forget the idea.

What do you guys think? Are Newsletters worth it? Do any of you provided Newsletters to your readers?