Audio Books

Audio books are they worth it? Here is my perspective.
I entered the audio book fray after my paperback, Seasons of the Soul, was on the market for a couple of months. Thinking, the blind and those traveling would want them I decided to purchase a small quantity to sell at events. What a mistake.
I assumed organizations, such as the blind, would buy them for their clients. However, I found out they want you to donate them. These non-profits are on limited budgets so the ready-market I thought existed was not there.
Second, I thought those traveling would enjoy them as they made their way to their destinations. I was wrong there, also. Not enough people going long places I guess or perhaps they listen to their radios or ipods. Whatever the reasons. I seldom sell audio books at craft or art fairs. The price is higher at $14.99 compared to my paperback $9.95 or my e-book $5.99. This is a hinderance, of course. But I believe it is more than that, people would rather read a book whether it is e-book or paperback versions.
Audio books cost more because there is more involved in the process. You or someone else must read it and a professional needs to synchronize it onto a compact disk and download formats. I did not read mine but each story is well done. When my oldest autistic son hung onto my husband, causing him to almost drown in a hotel swimming pool. The audio storyteller made you relive that harrowing day.
However, even when I pitch this personal account to potential customers they often choose the paperback. Thus, I will not do an audio for my next book, Sustaining Love: A Time Remembered (an early-twentieth-century romance with a planned release date of Feb. 2012.)
What will I do with the audio books I have on hand? When an event or chamber of commerce activity calls for a raffle, I give a CD.
It is not a total loss because the book reaches an audience, builds name recognition and a platform for my next book. Besides it is better than the CDs collecting dust. Tell me about your experience. Does it differ with mine? Were you contemplating doing an audio book and if you were did my story change your plans?