About Ruth Ann Nordin

Ruth Ann Nordin start self-publishing with vanity presses back in 2002. After spending a good $10,000 on that avenue by 2008, her husband demanded she find another hobby or figure out how to publish on the cheap. Fortunately, that was the time Amazon’s KDP and Smashwords came along. After learning how to self-publish via Joanna Penn at The Creative Penn, she started publishing her own books in 2009 for way less, and she started to actually sell books. (No one was more surprised than her that her books were attracting readers.)

As for what she writes, she mainly writes historical western and Regency romances, though she has dabbled in contemporary romance, fantasy, thrillers, and nonfiction.

She did consider traditional publishing early on, but when feedback from editors told her what to change in her stories, she decided to publish the work on her own. Control over her story is still the top reason she continues to love indie publishing to this day.

Since she got started, Smashwords started distribution to Barnes & Noble, and then other retailers like iBooks, Kobo, and other smaller ones began accepting Smashwords books. Then these places started accepting direct distribution. She remembers when Draft 2 Digital just got started and many other new things that changed the landscape of publishing. Authors have way more control over their work and their publishing aspirations than ever before, which makes this an exciting time to be alive.

One thing that seems to be guaranteed is that things are changing. Below are a list of blogs she recommends following in order to keep current on the latest trends:

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