Editing and re-drafting – a checklist, part one

Check out this great checklist for editing and redrafting at twincreatives.com! If you are like me, you’ll learn a lot from this list that will help you create a better story. Heather covers a lot of problems I find when reading a manuscript — my own and others.

Hi Guys,

Heather here. This week I thought I’d write a blog post detailing some of the things to look out for when re-drafting and editing your novel. I’m currently at this stage in my own novel writing journey and it’s arguably the hardest stage so far – perhaps even worse than the dreaded first draft. I will be referring to this list continuously myself  as I draft, re-draft and hone my novel and I hope it will be just as useful to you. I have split this post into two parts as it would have been a little bit too long to be one! Don’t fret though, part two will be posted soon.

  1. Dialogue tags

    When writing dialogue, keep fancy dialogue tags to a minimum. There is nothing wrong with plain old ‘said’. Changing it up every now and then to add variation and drama is fine, but if your novel reads…

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