How to Add a Mailchimp Newsletter to WordPress.Com Blog – with Style!

I had a blog like this on my list of blogs to write, but she has done such a good job I don’t see any point in rehashing it. In this blog she tells you not only how to get the mail chimp (newsletter sign up) form on your blog, but also how to MAKE the form in the first place using Mail Chimp’s site. As a Mail Chimp user, I do recommend them (no, they don’t pay me!) as being simple to use.

Aniko Carmean

The true gift of having a clearly defined definition of success is that you begin to find exactly what you need to achieve that success. I discovered  YOUR FIRST 1000 Copiesby Tim Grahl exactly when I needed a guide for book marketing. I want to get the word out about my books, and I want to do it without being subservient to a cumbersome system I neither understand nor enjoy. Grahl gives me a blueprint to achieve that, and having a newsletter is an integral element in his system. In this post, I share what I’ve learned about setting up a Mailchimp newsletter and integrating it into your (free) blog.

Here are the main points I will cover:

  • Getting started with Mailchimp
  • Customizing Your Mailchimp sign-up form to coordinate with your blog
    • Use Google’s built-in developer tools to find the hexidecimal code for colors on your site
    • Set the font or…

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2 thoughts on “How to Add a Mailchimp Newsletter to WordPress.Com Blog – with Style!

  1. Ruth Ann Nordin January 17, 2016 / 8:23 pm

    I love Mail Chimp, too. It makes it so easy to send out a newsletter, and you can see whether your subscribers are opening your emails or not so you know when to delete them from the list.

  2. Laura Read January 18, 2016 / 5:18 am

    Thank you. I just read Tim’s book too and need to create an email list, so this is a very helpful post

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