Box that Giveaway

Ruth Ann Nordin and I did a Facebook and blog giveaway which started last week and ended Monday. Ruth organized it and made the whole affair come to life. I am so grateful for her expertise and the time she spent in this endeavor. There were awesome prizes, including the winning of a Kindle, a Western candle, a rectangular-treasure box in which to place small items, a bread-sized Western chest and the winner’s choice of e-books or paperbacks. However, what I learned was how much fun this type of activity brings.

People shared their appreciation in winning items, such as one winner who expressed her gratitude that the Kindle came right at the best time. Her mother was in need of one. She downloaded recipes and sweet romance books for her. Is that not wonderful?

The interaction with our book readers (Ruth’s more than mine) was also such a blessings. Some people shared personal information about their lives and your heart ached for their hardships, health problems and more. It gave us a chance to know our audience, and the whole giveaway provided us a way to express our appreciation of their support.

Ruth and I picked out the Western items back around February. We originally planned to do a giveaway sometime in March but with her and my schedule this never materialized. So I kept the items to await our next move. Since we were having a joint book signing of our anthology, Bride by Arrangement, May 10, Ruth made some cards about our next week’s giveaway, and we distributed those around the area and during our book signing.

It worked. The word got out through this and our blog postings. Ruth thought ahead while my brain still was in the clouds. This is why it is good to do giveaways together because what one does not think of the other does.

It also is a good idea (if you have a place to store them) to keep boxes. My husband is not pleased with my basement Christmas collection, but it sure comes in handy to BOX THAT GIVEAWAY. I have a box for the candle and books, the rectangular box and books and the bread-sized chest with books. Sometimes it is good to be a pack rat.

In addition, I keep those disgusting store plastic bags. They make great box stuffers to keep the items from breaking and rolling around. Do you hear that Paul? My husband. Who wonders if sometimes I have lost my mind.

Doing a giveaway together also allows you to eat lunch together after selecting your store giveaway items, keeps the expenses down and most of all it becomes a happy time instead of a chore.

At a previous Nebraska Writers Guild conference, one of the speakers said

giveaways are important. It gets your work out there to those who do not know you, and they could become one of your devoted fans.

Years ago, when my first book, Seasons of the Soul, was released, I hesitated to give my books away. One less book sold. But as the old adage states: You need to invest money to make money. This is the same with books. The more people read them; the more apt your book will produce future sales.

This has been a fun topic to discuss and if you choose to do this you will find it as rewarding as Ruth Ann Nordin and myself did. Box that giveaway and sent it out as we did. God bless.

5 thoughts on “Box that Giveaway

  1. ronfritsch May 22, 2014 / 6:17 pm

    Great post, Janet. Now I can hope to convince my partner I’ll use those boxes in the basement!

  2. janetsyasnitsick May 23, 2014 / 5:52 pm

    Hope you can do that. Sometimes those empty boxes come in handy, don’t they? Have a great Memorial Day weekend and God bless.

  3. M T McGuire May 27, 2014 / 8:23 am

    Thanks for sharing, I think you’re right that pairs or groups for these things make the burdon of publicising it so much more of a joy and also you get to meet each other’s fans. Oh and I hear you on the box collecting. I have a huge cupboard full of those padded envelopes and book boxes left over from my Amazon purchases. They’re extremely useful!



    • janetsyasnitsick May 27, 2014 / 5:52 pm

      It really makes the whole event fun. It is like everything else when you do things together they become so much more enjoyable. I am thinking of my oldest granddaughter last week’s graduation. The family went out to eat afterwards. That special time still stays with me this week. We pack rats need to fight for our right to save, right? Thanks for your comment, M T McGuire. I really appreciate your input. God bless.

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