Guest Post: Six Smart EBook Promotion Tips for Quick Sales

If you have eyed the internet for publishing your book this time for the many obvious benefits of publishing an EBook, it’s nice, but don’t be content with the publishing part itself. If you thought the game ends there and the rest depends on the readers, you are wrong.

If you don’t promote your book well on the internet, you will lose out soon. So, to gain concrete success that comes when many copies of your book are sold, sign up for as many avenues of promotion available online whether these are ads, blogs, reviews, online book retailers, social media, etc…

Expand Your Fan Brigade

In the year 2013, social media is being given preference over other channels by Google search. So, make sure you have active accounts on social media tools like Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, MySpace, LinkedIn, Pinterest and many others.

Putting a word about your EBook on social media is sure to go viral sooner or later and make you popular in no time. But, for that, you must be actively posting comments about your eBook and trying to get the maximum number of likes, comments, replies, and shares from others. Creating active fan following on social media is sure to make you popular even if it is moderate in number. These, in turn, will add more fans to your brigade. Greater visibility leads to increase in sales.

Join Affiliate Programs

Signing up for affiliate EBook marketing programs like Associates helps you increase sales significantly. This is because when you are associated with a top online retailer like Amazon or Goodreads, you surely reap greater benefits due to the brand value that these bring to your EBook making more and more people consider buying it.  Improved trust leads to increased sales.

Get Involved into Cross Promotion

When you cross promote your eBook with another promoter’s books or other products, you save a lot of time, money, and your marketing efforts are halved too. You don’t have to rack your brains so much for chalking out a smart marketing plan; the other party is there to help you. But, make sure you contract with a marketer whose products are popular with buyers. This is because if people don’t trust them, they won’t trust what they promote too. But, if carried out smartly, cross promotion almost always produces good, concrete results (sales) making it a reliable method of eBook marketing.

Be Generous with Freebies

Give away lots of free EBooks in the first phase of marketing like through affiliate programs, through special schemes and discounts, as a prize to winners of online competitions, an EBook for joining a blog or a fan club, etc… Be generous but don’t be a wastrel. Make sure you get enough returns for your free distributions. If nothing else, try to get a review from people in return for free EBooks. Freebies will always lead to greater sales.


You may try hard in promoting yourself. But, self-bragging hardly works. Who wouldn’t talk good things about their own work? So, in order to gain more trust from book readers, making a third party talk is the best way. Even if they are commenting negatively for your book, do not worry.

Have the tolerance to understand their views and reply back to them in a way that seems positive to them. It’s good to accept negative reviews as that is an aspect of any new venture however, do not put up with too many bad comments. Else, the equation will tilt in a way that will not be in your favor.  Third party brings more credibility thus improving sales.

Book Exhibition

Get your EBooks exhibited at a local library or a small-scale book fair event in your city to begin.  Make sure these are technically sound EBooks compatible to open on different computer and mobile systems. If you want to take a giant leap, you may try to put up your EBook at a book exhibition event of international caliber. Don’t just send your eBook there. Go and personally speak about your eBook to promote it. Making a personal presence always helps. Special events like these are more likely to grab eyeballs rather than random, scattered marketing efforts thus improving sales.


Alana Woods is a writer with rich experiences in writing books, blogs, and articles on a wide range of topics. She has full faith in Combined Book Exhibition services to do justice to the book promotion. You can visit the Frankfurt book fair in October this year. It will be an exciting and maybe breakthrough experience for your children.

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  1. Katie Cross August 8, 2013 / 8:52 pm

    i never thought of a book exhibition, but that’s a great idea. Thanks for all the tips. I’ll have to file these away to read later!

  2. williamkendall1 August 11, 2013 / 10:05 pm

    I wouldn’t have thought of a book exhibition either.

    Good post, Alana!

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