Guest Post: Tips on How to Utilize Social Media for Content Distribution Without Being Spammy

The Internet today is mostly all about getting your research, marketing, social and business done. With this said, you cannot take the opportunity to spread the word about your products and services for granted. Sure, you can maximize the chance through mobile content delivery but not to a point that your content and updates sound and look gibberish and spammy. In this article, we will look at five tips on how to utilize social media for content distribution without being spammy.

1. Never Post Without a Target

The first thing to do is to plan which ones you are targeting as a market. The next is to reach those targets and speak to them. Join their discussions and ask them to follow you on social media. Once they become your fans or followers, do not tag them randomly or mention their usernames just to drop your sales pitch. Users never want to hear news and promos obtrusively. Make them relate to your brand more but not through “brute force.”

2. Encourage Engagements

When you over publish self-promotional posts and don’t provide any useful information to your followers, you will be more likely to be marked as spam. However, when you get your readers’ attention with your posts and make them interact by posting comments and sharing your articles, others will view your profile with more respect. You will be seen as an authority. The more engaging your posts are, the more you reflect on your personality and the more you will be accepted by the public. So get people to talk about your brand and value your followers’ responses in social media.

3. Post Unique Content

You can share articles that promote your products and services. But you cannot do this and repeat sharing the same ones all the time. To capture the interest of your audience without looking spammy, you have to generate content that is related to your niche. For example, if you are selling technical gadgets, posting reviews and comparisons will help viewers decide which one they would buy. You can also post how-to articles like maintaining hardware, updating software and accessorizing the gadgets.

4. Keep Posts Relevant

If you are marketing contents using Facebook, for instance, make sure not to post status updates about your personal life which are not any relevant to your business. Spam is when they receive unsolicited updates from the channel or account they have subscribed from. Posting too much of your personal updates would make them think like they have spam in their newsfeeds. Think like a consumer! They are highly likely to be interested in your products and business services alone and not about you per se. They might unsubscribe immediately after a consecutive number of days. What’s worse is that they might report you as an abusive user and you get totally kicked out of the social networking site.

5. Check Your Spelling and Grammar

When you have too many spelling and grammar errors, most people would view your content as either copied or jumbled from other sites or just take it as a joke and mark it later as spam. When you produce content on social media, you should share something of actual value. Informative posts should be written well with no nonsense sentences in the middle.


Social networking sites are largely becoming a favorite spam target recently, since many have recognize the power and influence companies would achieve from them. As a digital marketer, you have to take these points seriously to not appear like a spammer in social media.


Author Bio:

Jamaica Sanchez is a Website Auditor with solid experience. She has been an advocate of cloud computing for improved work efficiency and performance. She also has a passion in dancing, cooking and playing golf. Follow her on Twitter or Google+.

2 thoughts on “Guest Post: Tips on How to Utilize Social Media for Content Distribution Without Being Spammy

  1. rami ungar the writer July 17, 2013 / 12:51 pm

    Good advice. Think like what you want to receive. I’ll have to keep that in mind now that my own book is out.

  2. Katie Cross July 18, 2013 / 2:47 am

    It’s sad that spelling and grammar has to be reminded, but it’s so true.

    Great list, by the way! I feel like I’m always working to define the audience and keep things relevant!

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