Found this in my inbox and thought Michelle Fox had some great insight into the writing advice “write and then write some more.”

One Handed Writers

Hello! I’m filling in for Michelle Cary today. Don’t worry, it’s okay, my name is Michelle too. It’s like we’re twins or something.

Anyway, today I wanted to revisit some of the advice I heard a lot when I first started writing. Being very earnest abut the whole thing, I attended several conferences early on as I bumbled my way through this writing thing, believing I was undiscovered hot shit.

Imagine my surprised when all anyone ever really said was ‘write and then write some more.’

Well, duh, I thought. I know that. What I really wanted to know was the inside scoop of becoming a writer who could land an agent followed by a juicy publishing deal. Surely there was more to it than ‘write.’ I wanted concrete, inside scoop advice and all I got was a Zen-like round robin of ‘write, write, and write.’

It annoyed me.

You know…

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