Guest Post: 3 Types of Courses Every Self-Publishing Author Should Take by Nadia Jones

Are you an ambitious author trying to get your written word into the public eye? Have you recently published your own book, or is that something you plan to do in the near future? If so, you aren’t alone. Studies suggest that self-publishing has experienced “explosive growth” in the last few years.

However, before you jump on this bandwagon, there are three types of courses you should consider taking. Read on to learn more.

Business 101 Course

While writing a book is a purely artistic experience, selling one is a completely different story. There are markets and demographics to consider, not to mention pricing, competition and trends. That can be a lot for someone who has never even glanced at a business book. So, before you fully engage yourself in the process, consider taking a business course that simply covers the basics. No need to get too involved or in-depth in the process, as there will always be experts you can consult, but you yourself should have a general understanding of how things work, to ensure you do not get the run around or taken advantage of in the process—especially if you are looking to make big money with this venture.

Even if you don’t gain huge success, this course will better prepare you for any future transactions you may encounter throughout your professional life.

Budgeting/Accounting Course

Taking some sort of course in general finance, accounting or budgeting is a wise idea for many reasons. First, even if you are self-publishing your own work, it will cost some money. Expenses will only increase if you opt to have someone proof and/or edit it, so it’s not a bad idea to familiarize yourself with some of the basic principles/fundamentals of finance, as you will likely be doing quite a bit of budgeting.

Second, this knowledge becomes even more valuable should you be a lucky author who makes it big. Increased earnings mean more money to manage and possibly invest. Having a general understanding of how the money market works will prove invaluable no matter what your situation.

Basic Public Relations

My final recommendation for aspiring self-publishing authors is to enroll in a beginner’s course on public relations. Unless you are planning to hire a publicist to do this work for you, you’ll have to know the right and wrong ways to promote yourself, unless you want your book to go unnoticed and, subsequently, unread. No author wants his or her efforts to be in vain, so rather than remain another unknown, educate yourself in the ways of PR to further your overall efforts.

Being such basic courses, one should have no problem finding these at any institute of higher learning. And for those worried about fitting them into their schedule, many schools are now offering several courses online, or in a hybrid format, so you can likely find an option that meets your needs.


Nadia Jones is an education blogger who knows all about online colleges. She enjoys writing on topics of education reform, education news, and online learning platforms. Outside of the blogging world, Nadia volunteers her time at an after school program for a local middle school and plays pitcher for her adult softball team. She welcomes your comments and questions at

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