The Snowball Effect by Alex Frey

Alex Frey contacted SPALs with an interesting concept. Since we believe in the freedom of each author to make their own decisions, we decided to post this guest post for those that may be interested. Please be aware that by posting this, we are in no way endorsing or ensuring the effectiveness of the product presented below. For more information, please investigate on your own.


Why Your Social Marketing Strategy is Wrong

Guest Post by Alex

Independent and self-published authors trying to follow in the footsteps of the titans of the industry like John Locke are increasingly embracing Twitter and Facebook as tools to stay in touch with their readers. However, many are wasting hundreds of hours on sub-optimal social media strategies that will inevitably produce few results.

The problems with relying on Twitter and Facebook strategies are many:

At the end of the day, most authors’ social media strategies amount to a grossly inefficient way of preaching at the already converted, which do not produce any incremental sales or buzz.

 A Better Way

What would a better strategy look like? Rather than trying to preach top-down at your fans, why not let your most passionate and socially connected readers speak for you?  After all, people trust recommendations from their friends much more than those from a brand or page. If you could offer your fans an incentive to share how much they like your books with their own friends, then you could leverage the power of social media to get your product in front of thousands of new eyeballs, for free, and without doing any real work of your own.

Sound like a pipe dream? Well a tool that I have been developing with a friend gives authors a five-minute solution to do just this. Snowball ( helps authors launch social marketing campaigns that have real value by merely filling out a form. At its most basic level, it gives authors an easy way to entice their fans to post something to Facebook or twitter about the author, generating hundreds of high-quality impressions. It works like this:

  • You can go to and click “Get Started” to create your own free Snowball landing page (5 minutes).
  • Offer users that connect with you a reward for posting to Facebook or twitter. This reward could be the first chapter of a book – or the entire book in PDF format if you are just getting started. It’s up to you!
  • Direct your fans to your Snowball page by sharing the link on Facebook, twitter, your website, and email signature. You could even include a link to it in one of your books!
  • When fans come to Snowball, they can back you by clicking on the “Share now” link. After posting something to Facebook or twitter, they see a link to download their ‘reward.’
  • Your fans will see their posts on Facebook. Some of them will click on over to the link and discover a new author! Some of these might even share the page themselves, to also get the reward!
  • At the end of it all you will see a list of the faces of everyone that backed you on your page. More importantly, you will receive the contact information for everyone that connected with you, so that you can easily remind them to buy your other books, or just tell them about your latest news, whenever you want. This is how audiences are built!



Alex Frey is the author of four self-published titles under the “Ivy Bytes” label, including “A Beginner’s Guide to Investing,” which is current the very first result if you search for “Investing” on He is currently building, giving creative entrepreneurs everywhere simple tools to leverage their fans to spread their message.

Ivy Bytes:,

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