One Author’s Rise from Unknown to 1K in 8 Weeks

I ran across this last night and thought I’d share the links. Susan Bischoff is writing an interesting series of posts on her rise from unknown author to a 1K Kindle author in 8 weeks and how she did it. The posts start here with Kindle Rank: Unknown to top 1K in 8 Weeks, and continue through her thoughts on Increasing Your Kindle Rank: Goodreads, Giveaways, and Reviews; Increasing Your Kindle Rank: Blogging and Social Media, Increasing Your Kindle Rank: Friends and Cross-Promotion, and Increasing Your Kindle Rank: Pricing.

Not sure if there will be more, but I found some of her approaches to promotion to be interesting.

2 thoughts on “One Author’s Rise from Unknown to 1K in 8 Weeks

  1. Susan Bischoff October 14, 2010 / 7:25 pm

    Stephanie, thank you very much for mentioning my current series of articles. I’m glad you’ve enjoyed it so far. I’ve got one more post in this set coming out tomorrow. It’s about cover art and author websites. The cover art part will cover why I think that’s important, as well as the thought process my designer and I went through in designing the cover of Hush Money. The website portion is my opinions on what I find helpful and not helpful on author websites, why and how I choose to maintain a website/blog. Hopefully it will be a little more useful info to round out the week.

    It’s all just my personal experience and opinion, and definitely YMMV stuff, but I hope it answers some questions and provides some ideas for the up and coming indies who are finding their way.

    • Stephannie Beman October 14, 2010 / 10:07 pm

      Susan, you’re welcome. I have enjoyed and picked out some really good suggestions I want to use from your posts and looked forward to your next one.

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